OpenID is an open standard that describes how users can be authenticated in a decentralized manner, eliminating the need for services to provide their own ad hoc systems and allowing users to consolidate their digital identitieswikipedia

That’s the technical overview in a sentence, but it doesn’t sound very sexy.

You’re probably here because your been sent on a “helicopter” mission to write a report on OpenID because someone in your company has asked you to and the geeks downstairs have mentioned it’s quite cool, but they wouldn’t use it, because it’s not secure enough.

I have been following OpenID since it was first posted about on slashdot.org in the Summer of 2005.

The site aims to provide a personal commentary on single sign-on technologies which the larger Internet players and National Identity  schemes appear to be evaluating.

If you want a quick overview – pop over to openidexplained.com

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